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Eternity Church is led by a team of faithful and gifted men and women who love God and His people. They are responsible for overseeing the vision, direction, and ministries of our church. They also serve as examples, mentors, and friends to our congregation. Here are some of the people who make our church what it is

Our Team (5).png

Wayne & Ruth Swift

Interim Senior Leader

Our Team (4).png

Adam & Jess Thurling

Acting Location Pastor

Our Team (7).png

Joel & Alice Hardy

Community Connection Pastor

Our Team (8).png

Teagan Burns

Young Adults Director

Our Team (9).png

Josh Wright

Youth Director

Our Team (10).png

Kathy Mills

Laraine McLean

Womens Leaders

Our Team (11).png

Rhys Mcmillan

Tech Team Coordinator

Our Team (12).png

Dirk & Kaity Nel

Welcome Team Leaders

Our Team (13).png

Carolynne Farnaby

Childrens Ministry Leader

Our Team (14).png

Jess Thurling

Worship Director

Our Team (15).png

Jess Vila

E.C.M.S Outreach Director

Our Team (16).png

Joel Hardy

E.C.M.S Director

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