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Mainly Music is a program for pre-schoolers and their parents or carers. It is held at the church every Wednesday morning of the school term at 10am.

The program consists of a session of interactive singing and dancing led by Alice Hardy and the amazing team! We encourage the kids to get involved by giving them instruments, things to bang on and to just get moving through interactive songs with actions! However, we also encourage their big people to get involved as well! It is a fantastic time for mums, dads, uncles, aunties, grandparents, carers or whomever to spend time with their children and have fun while doing so!

Mainly Music is a program run all over Australia that allows different organisations to use songs, dances and resources and run their own program. Alice Hardy heads up our amazing team and does a fantastic job!

After the music session, there is morning tea provided and an opportunity to connect as the children play. We get so many different families from all different walks of life that are a part of Mainly Music and it is now just a part of their week!

So come down and check it out! Get your children jumping and dancing around! Some have said that it’s like High Five but live and more personal! We would love to meet you.

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