Who We Are

'Building Lives and Transforming Communities'

Eternity Church Morwell is a part of the Acts Global Churches Movement, previously known as the Apostolic movement. 

Born out of the Welsh Revival, Acts Global is a movement that is Apostolic in it's nature. It is in our DNA to Equip, Empower and Release, and it is such a privilege to see people from across our movement being called and serving God across the globe in many different ways.

We unashamedly believe in the power of the Holy Spirit, and know that it can transform lives. We continuously seek to be sensitive to what God is saying and leaving room for Him to do what He wants to in our services.

We believe in the power of God's living word and that God still speaks through it on a daily basis to those who are willing to listen. 

We seek to be a community that continually challenges the way we do things, and who moves when God is moving. Religion is not a part of who we are, but RELATIONSHIP with the Father is our WHY, the reason we do what we do.

Come and be a part of what God is doing in this amazing community!

Our Pastors

 Andrew and Ashleigh Newman  moved down to the Latrobe Valley in 2013 from Maitland in NSW to take on the senior leadership role at Eternity Church.

Andrew had been a part of leadership teams at his previous church, but  has adapted to the role of senior leader over the years they have been here. Their heart for the church has always been to see it grow not only in strength and numbers but also to see faith grow inside the hearts of our people. 

They recognise the challenges that face our community on a daily basis and they see the opportunity that we have as a community of people who follow Jesus to bring life and hope into places where there are none!

Andrew and Ash love connecting with different people in the community and have a heart to connect with families and see them flourish!